RESNET Buildings Registry

Address Formatting

Each building in the Buildings Registry requires a complete and valid US street address for entry. The Buildings Registry follows US Postal Service address formatting standards. For best practice, it is recommended that addresses are submitted as close to USPS standards as possible for accurate parsing and geocoding.

The USPS defines a complete address as one that has all the address elements necessary to allow an exact match with the current Postal Service ZIP+4 and City State files. These include at a minimum:

  • Street Number
  • Street Name
  • Street Suffix (St, Ave, etc.)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Other elements such as a Street Prefix (NW, Upper, etc.) or Street Direction following the suffix (123 Main St N) may also be required to allow an exact match and should be included in the address line if applicable.

Multi-family Buildings and Unit Numbers

If the building is part of a multifamily building and has a secondary unit designator (Apt, Suite, etc.), the unit designator must be included in the address line rather than in the Model, Building or Development fields in order to parse correctly. The preferred location for that designator is at the end of the address line as recommended by the USPS. In addition, there should only be one unit designator in order to be parsed correctly.


Incorrect Correct
123A Main St 123 Main St Unit A
123 Main St Bldg A, Apt 1 123 Main St Apt A1
123 Main St Apt A-1

Click here for more details and recommendations on address formating from the US Postal Service. You can also use the USPS Zip Code Lookup tool to help format difficult addreses.

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