RESNET Buildings Registry

Managing Duplicate Ratings

Updated July 29, 2014

A new administration page has been created at: to allow you to easily manage any previously submitted duplicate ratings.

On the page you'll find tables of ratings grouped by building address along with their Registry IDs, Registration Types, Rater, Date Rated and the Date the Rating was submitted. Each registered rating will have a radio button next to it. If that building does indeed have duplicate registrations, select which of the ratings for that building you'd like to keep, then click "Save Selected and Delete Other(s)" to remove the duplicates. The most previously submitted version is automatically selected for you. If the building is not a duplicate, please contact so that the building can be removed from the duplicates page.

Note: If you have a lot of duplicate ratings, the page will only show 50 at a time so that the page will load and run faster.