RESNET Buildings Registry

Rating Field Inspectors Guide

Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs) have now been added to the Registry database. Unlike Raters, an RFI may be utilized by any Rating Provider, not just the certifying Rating Provider.

Manage Rating Field Inspectors

You'll notice there is now a "Manage Rating Field Inspectors" link on your Provider Control Panel. All RFIs that have thus far been utililized for a recent rating will be present including those not currently related to your company/organization.

This is also where you can add your own RFI(s). When an RFI is added to the Registry, he/she will be assigned a Unique ID much like a Rater. That RFI will then be available to be assigned to a rating.

Please Note: While RFIs are available to all providers, only the certifying provider will be able to update their contact information within the registry.

Assigning an RFI to a Rating

If you need to add an RFI to a submitted rating, use the filter on the Manage Ratings page to find the rating then click to view it. In the "Rating Field Inspector" field, use the drop down list to select your RFI. If your RFI is not present, click on "Manage RFIs" on the left menu to add your RFI. He/she will then be available to select from the drop down list. Once you  have made your selection, click the "Update" button next to the drop down list.

If you are having technical issues with logging into or using the Registry, contact