RESNET Buildings Registry

Rating Upload Error Messages

If your rating does not upload successfully, you'll receive an error message. This document will try to describe some of the common ones:

Common Errors

[Blank] or *
If your rating submission fails, but it does not give you a descriptive error message, this usually means that a special character in your username or most likely your password is not processing correctly on submission. The solution is to login to and click on "Change Password" on the left menu. The following special characters are known to work fine: !@$*

Unexpected End of File
This error typically indicates that there's an illegal special character in one of your REM/Rate fields. Often times these are garbage characters that could have been copied and pasted in and may not even be visible. Feel free to send your input file to for assistance in finding the illegal character.

Provider/Rater Errors

PIN: [PIN] not recognized
Double check that the PIN entered into the rating software is correct and of the form XXXX-XXX.

RTIN: [RTIN] not recognized
The submitted RTIN is not in the database. Double check that it does not have a typo.

Raters outside the USA are not able to upload ratings
At this time only Raters working in the United States may submit ratings.

User does not have permission to upload for this Provider
This error indicates that the user submitting the rating is not associate with the Provider indicated by the entered PIN. This can be a typo in the PIN or a QAD working for multiple Providers that does not have yet have permission for this Provider.

Rater/Provider relationship does not currently exist
The Rater indicated by the RTIN entered into the rating software is not on the active Rater Registry of the Provider entered.

Rater/Provider relationship is pending
The Rater indicated by the RTIN entered into the rating software has not approved the Provider's request to add him/her to their Rater Registry.

Sampled Rating Errors

A Sample Set ID is required for all Sampled Ratings
All Sampled Ratings require a Sample Set ID. Up to 7 ratings may be part of a Sample Set.

This Sample Set already contains the maximum of 7 ratings
Only 7 ratings may be part of a Sample Set and the indicated Sample Set ID is already full. Be sure to check that the rating you are attempting to upload is not a duplicate. If so, revise the rating, and it can still be part of the Sample Set.

Date Errors

Date Rated is not valid
This error indicates that a valid date is not being submitted for when the rating was performed.

Date Rated should not be later than the rating submission date
The Rating should be complete before submission. The Date Rated should not be later than the current date.

Address Errors

This rating appears to have an invalid street address: [Address]
The address entered could not be parsed. Please doublecheck how it is entered.

Duplicate/Revised Ratings

This does not appear to be a revision to an existing rating. If it is a revision, please mention an address change in your reason for the revision.
This is a warning if you are uploading what appears to be a new rating as a revision. This can occur if you are reusing a building file for a similar propery that has been previously uploaded. Follow the instructions here to correct the problem.

This appears to be a duplicate rating.
If you are intending to revise an existing rating, follow the instructions here on how to revise an existing rating. If not, please contact

If you are having technical issues with logging into or using the Registry, contact