RESNET Buildings Registry

Rating Registry Guide

Rating Providers must upload all completed ratings by their certified Raters to the Registry using RESNET-accredited Rating Software effective June 15, 2012.

General Rules

  1. Ratings can be uploaded directly by the Rater if the Provider chooses to make them a user, but the Provider is still responsible for the accuracy of the Rating.
  2. Ratings are uploaded through the RESNET-accredited Rating Software, not through logging directly into the Registry.
  3. Rating Provider Registry Users will complete the upload process through the Software by entering the same Registry Username and Login that is used to login into the Registry and manage Raters.
  4. All Ratings must include the Rater RTIN and the Provider AIN.
  5. Ratings must be uploaded to the Registry upon completion of the Confirmed Rating or the Sample Set in the case of Sampling in order to be "finalized", assigned a Registry ID, and recognized by RESNET. Only rating types "Confirmed" and "Sampled" may be uploaded to the Registry; no Projected Ratings may be uploaded.
  6. Each individual home rated must be uploaded to the Registry using the Rating Software. Multiple homes can be uploaded at once as a batch using the Rating Software.
  7. Ratings are assigned a Registry ID automatically by the Registry when uploaded through the Software. Print permissions are only issued when the rating is successfully uploaded and issued a Registry ID.
  8. Ratings can be revised by making changes to the input file used to originally upload the rating and resubmitting it.
  9. Providers can view Ratings already uploaded by selecting Manage Ratings on the Provider Control Panel, and can view ratings by Rater by filtering by that Rater's name.
  10. Ratings that have been uploaded cannot currently be removed by the Rating Provider.

Additional Information